Circle J will be making a donation to Teri Jacobsen Allen and her family. We at Circle J were saddened to hear about our Morgan friend's devastating loss of their home in a fire. Thankfully no people or animals were hurt. But their loss of property and belongings is real. Please help if you can.

Marvelous Morgans– Ayden Johnson

Ok, I finally finished the 'new & improved' photo video of 'Marvelous Morgans'. You can view it on YouTube at the above link. I tried to paint a picture of versatility and variety. Many of you will see yourselves and/or your beautiful horses. Enjoy! If you like it, please feel free to share it far & wide. Thanks to all who provided photos.  Shery Jespersen


​Circle J Club has published a cookbook with recipes from 
members and their families and friends.  You can't get a better bargain at $10 plus shipping.  These are tried and true recipes that are used regularly in homes across the region.  They make fabulous gifts - need one for a housewarming?  for a birthday, anniversary, holiday or just because . . . Click for an order form. Purchase several to keep on hand for those times you need to grab a gift and go!  

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